Super Easy Deviled Eggs

I usually do a prettier job, especially if they are for a party, but this was just a quick batch for my wife and I to go with dinner.
You can still see how much faster and easier my method is, plus way less clean up and frustration.

Star by splitting your hard boiled eggs like usual, but instead of putting them in a bowl, put them into a quart size Ziplock freezer bag. I recommend the freezer rated bags since they are stronger and won’t burst on you. Once all the yolks are in the bag, mash them, either by squeezing them or using a rolling pin etc. Add your desired amounts mayo and mustard, plus any other seasoning you like. I like either a little curry powder or hot sauce in mine.

After you have mashed your yolks and added your other ingredients of choice, you need to mash and mix until smooth.

Now snip the corner of the bag, this lets you pipe the mixture into the egg halves neatly and easily. No more messy, frustrating situations trying to do it with 2 spoons. Plus again, nothing to wash.

Now just pipe the mixture into the egg halves and enjoy. I mean enjoy them right now, since, did I mention? No dishes to wash.

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